Yoo Eun Kim


My academic career has given me many opportunities to pursue social advocacy and engage in leadership opportunities. Receiving the AWIB scholarship has been a great honor, and it will help me to not only to minimize financial costs, but also pursue my career interests. Throughout my collegiate career, public service has driven me to pursue projects involving sustainable and long-term social improvement. The fund will allow me to focus my resources toward my dream of helping the underserved.

- Yoo Eun Kim, Smith College, Class of 2016



Major: Economics & Religion

Yoo Eun founded the World Changer’s Think Thank (WCTT), an educational program that teaches middle and high school students how to implement their own community service projects. Yoo Eun utilized business strategies she learned as a consulting fellow at UP Education Network (UP).  She developed a more “in depth, hands-on curriculum” that would be applicable to students from a diverse range of interests.  Yoo Eun represented WCTT at international and national youth conferences in more than seven cities, as well as educational programs at Clark University, MIT, Smith College, and Yale University. Under Yoo Eun’s leadership, over 2,500 middle school and high school students were taught how to participate in civic engagement.

Yoo Eun has a list of credentials in community/public service: Class President of the Smith College Government Association, an Associate at the White House Office of Correspondence to open, sort and respond to letters addressed to President Obama, and Decisional Trainer at Hampshire Country Jail where she worked with inmates to identify, analyze and enact goals in a 10 week program.

In May 2015, Yoo Eun was awarded the Harvard J.W. Saxe Memorial Prize for Public Service.Yoo Eun was selected from a nationwide pool of 100 girls and women aged13-24.The prize is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated commitment to public service and are seeking funds for a public sector project. Yoo Eun utilized proceeds from this award to fund the six-week World Changer’s Think Tank workshop series at MIT High School Studies Program in Cambridge, MA.












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