Melissa Diep


I am thrilled and honored to be one of the winners of the 2015 AWIB Scholarship. This award will primarily go towards my last semester at Rutgers and I will donate 10% to my organization Rutgers University Business for Youth (RUBY), to support its educational programs and growth. This award is empowering for me because it represents validation for my current accomplishments and leadership potential. It encourages me to continue pursuing all of my aspirations. This award also exposes me to a network of Asian women in business, and I cannot wait to meet them and be even more inspired.

- Melissa Diep, Rutgers University, Class of 2016











Major: Supply Chain Management (Entrepreneurship Concentration)  |  Minor: Art History

Melissa’s impressive leadership roles are Co-Founder and Operations Manager of an e-commerce start-up company, PSTML and President of a student-run organization, Rutgers University Business for Youth (RUBY). PSTML is a unique start-up business that features high-quality, responsibly sourced artisan products from countries around the world. The focus of PSTML is to simultaneously stimulate economic development in various nations, educate customers on important social causes, and empower artisans by featuring their individual stories and journeys.

Melissa and her team visited each individual artisan to ensure that they fulfill the company’s standards in responsibly-sourced goods. Melissa organized a successful project that involved coordination with translators, traveling to Turkey, interviewing potential manufacturers, setting up photo shoots, and recording footage for social media. A lucrative line of traditional Turkish towels resulted in this conscientious endeavor. Under Melissa’s diligent leadership, PSTML was awarded $10,000 in the 2015 Rutgers Business Plan competition.

As President of RUBY, Melissa redeveloped the program, resolved previous budgeting concerns and increased funding to ensure the continuation of the program. Melissa is currently in the process of restructuring RUBY into the “RUBY Network.” The RUBY Network will host business plan competitions, release lessons online to connect with students in other schools, and Melissa hopes that the RUBY Network will be franchised to other colleges.

After graduation, she will work as a financial analyst at CIT Group, LLC. Melissa plans to earn an MBA in Entrepreneurship to continue learning about how to create and manage a successful business.





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