Kathy Kim

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I am humbled by the AWIB scholarship and also grateful for all of the faculty, peers, and family who have supported my endeavors thus far. This opportunity not only alleviates financial constraints but further inspires me to share my successes with fellow peers by leading as a role model and mentor, especially for the Asian American community. I am shaped by my experiences as a first generation Korean American and university student but propelled by my passions to foster community and pursue civic engagement. The AWIB scholarship is demonstrative of the solidarity amongst Asian women and inspires rising generations to strive, to dream.

- Kathy Kim, Class of 2016

Kathy Kim is currently a Junior majoring in International Studies at American University.  She was selected as the Fall 2014 William Randolph Hearst Fellow by the Philanthropy and Social Innovation Program of The Aspen Institute. 
Her academic focus on conflict resolution is supplemented by her civic engagement domestically and internationally. She led a student run organization called Community Learners Advancing in Spanish and English (CLASE), which facilitated ESL tutoring and citizenship preparation for on-campus contract custodial staff, in addition to becoming involved in immigration reform advocacy through the American DREAM Student Group. Through her volunteer experience as Co-Chair of CLASE, Kathy engaged with a wide range of people: university administration, workers, and management. She also mentored students through the Center for Diversity and Inclusion’s Emerging Scholars Program and School of International Service’s Mentorship Program at American University.
She was a Sustainable Development Volunteer with Amigos de las Americas’ Herrera, Panama program in 2010, and in the summer of 2013, she served as a volunteer English Teacher and Region Leader for Learning Enterprises’ Thailand program. 
As a scholarship recipient for the State Department’s Critical Language Scholarship Program in the summer of 2014, she pursued Korean language proficiency to better her communication skills, as she aspires to work on migration policies concerning North Korean defectors and economic migrants. Through all of these cross cultural engagements, Kathy emphasizes the importance of cultural understanding as a building block toward effective change in community development and social entrepreneurship. 



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