Ella Cheng

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“I am truly humbled and exhilarated to be recognized by the amazing network and contributors of AWIB.  This award provides me with an unmatched opportunity to expand my horizons in my educational pursuits, while also inspiring me to continue taking charge in effectively leading and serving both my on and off campus communities, especially from the angle of international affairs, law, and public policy.  Thank you, AWIB, for empowering the next generation of young Asian women leaders, and I am truly honored to be among such incredible peers, who motivate me to become an even better change-maker.”

- Ella Cheng, Class of 2016


Ella Cheng is a junior at Princeton University majoring in public and international affairs and minoring in values and public life.  Since high school, Ella has had a voracious curiosity and passion for policy-making and studying the world, as an avid student of international relations, a model United Nations competitor, a student government leader, and a resident of the bustling metropolis of New York City.
At Princeton, she has continued to develop those interests with an eye toward making positive changes in both her local and global community, as an active and engaged student leader.  As Vice President of the International Relations council, the largest student group on campus, she provides high school and university students the opportunity to learn and engage with international relations by participating in Model United Nations conferences and crisis simulations.  Ella also serves as the University Student Life Committee Chair, an Executive Committee position within the Undergraduate Student Government.  In this capacity she works closely with administrators, graduate students, and peers, to advocate for and implement policies that benefit student body.  In addition, she manages communications and projects for a non-profit consulting club, researches for Politics professors, tutors fellow students in statistics, reports for The Daily Princetonian, and advocates for Asian American issues in the Asian American Students Association.  Academically, Ella has always challenged herself and was awarded the Shapiro Prize for Academic Excellence by Princeton University.
Outside of Princeton, Ella has sought to challenge herself and explore diverse professional opportunities, from interning at the State Department in the summer of 2014, to working for the tech policy non-profit Access Now.  She plans to attend law school and pursue a career in international law.  Ella hopes to eventually to work in government on issues such as human rights or transnational business regulations and trade. 



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