Wei Ying Zhang



I truly appreciate AWIB for its mission. I also appreciate the scholarship and social network that are offered to the candidates. The AWIB award represents not only recognition of my academic and leadership experiences, but also a motivation for me to be more committed to my career and leadership pursuits. Thankful to be given this opportunity to join the AWIB community, I hope to grow with it as a person and as a professional, and to prepare rising candidates in the future. I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for AWIB’s concrete support in promoting Asian women’s heritage and aspirations.

- Wei Ying Zhang, Class of 2016

Wei Ying Zhang is a Macaulay Honors Junior pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture degree at the Spitzer School of Architecture at The City College of New York. She appreciates that architecture is a perfect combination of beauty and practicality, and strongly believes that buildings have a significant influence to our urban fabric socially, economically, and culturally. She views real estate, urban design, and sustainability as necessary architectural disciplines that can positively impact underserved populations.
Wei Ying is involved in the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) at the City College of New York. She started as an AIAS member in 2012, became an Event Planer in 2013, and is currently serving as the Program Director of the Freedom by Design (FBD) Program of AIAS.  FBD allows strategic usage of architecture students’ skills to help give dignity to underserved individuals by providing them with modest design and construction solutions. Believing that FBD is a tool that mixes design and public service, she pushed for increased awareness of the disabled and implementation of FBD into the architecture curriculum.
As a Macaulay scholar, Wei Ying was a student curator for the 2014 Macaulay Arts Night, an annual student-organized art celebration and recognition event for all Macaulay scholars. She was also a 2014 Macaulay Press magazine editor. 
Moving towards her vision with a passion, Wei Ying believes in teamwork, integrity, and effective communication to become a resilient, responsive, and responsible leader.




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