Manju Malkani


“AWIB represents far more than just a scholarship. In many ways, it is a celebration of our identity and reminds us of both the progress and impact that the underrepresented demographic of Asian women have made within the business world. Beyond scholarship funds, AWIB provides not only a collection of like-minded and passionate individuals, but remains a community of mentors and scholars that provide support and guidance as they serve as role models for young Asian women who will eventually serve a similar mentorship role for subsequent generations.”

- Manju Malkani, Class of 2014

Manju Malkani is from New Jersey and attends New York University’s Stern School of Business, majoring in International Business/Management and Organizations with a minor in American Sign Language.  When Manju learned about the issues associated with the neglect of mental health throughout the medical establishment in India, she became determined to work on an international initiative to improve healthcare communications.  She joined Imagine Health, a start-up non-profit that utilizes media and technology to improve public health.  In her first year with the organization she took a routine advocacy project for a fundraising campaign and turned it into one of Imagine Health’s major international initiatives, CAM Corps, a Child and Adolescent Mental Health provider education module.  Manju still works with Imagine Heath and is currently co-directing Imagine Health's task force for this initiative.

Manju is also active in different programs within New York University.  She is a community service coordinator for Project OutReach, a program that assists new students with the transition to college.  She also works with the director of the Higher Education Opportunities Program at NYU and is in the process of creating a program for pre-Stern minority students to familiarize them with some of the essential concepts within business.

Manju was awarded the Gates Millenium Scholar in 2010. She is also a recipient of the Dr. John Grieco Scholarship Award and the U.S. Department of Treasury Financial Literacy Award.





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