Eun Che (Jennifer) Ko


“There is a saying that is often repeated in the corporate offices of Gap Inc. - to “do what you love.” It is thought-provoking in its simplicity, because essentially, shouldn’t we always be doing what we love? As someone who aspires to be a future leader, I am so appreciative of the recognition and support of the AWIB committee. The AWIB award serves as inspiration for me to continue in my development as a woman leader in business, to hold onto the courage to stand up for what I believe in, and to remember to keep on doing what I love.”

- Eun Che (Jennifer) Ko, Class of 2012

Eun Che (Jennifer) Ko is from New York and attends Georgetown University, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Chinese.  Jennifer has been involved with Truth and Human Rights in North Korea, THiNK, since her sophomore year, serving as Marketing Chair before assuming the position of Programming Chair.  THiNK is a student organization that works to educate the campus about the grave and often ignored humanitarian crisis that continues to afflict citizens of North Korea.  As Programming Chair, she was responsible for planning and executing the logistics for documentary screenings, speaker programs and human rights conferences scheduled by THiNK.

Jennifer’s other experiences include her role as the Public Relations Coordinator for Students Stopping the Trafficking of People, a student organization established to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking, and provide service to survivors of trafficking within the DC community. She was also a volunteer SAT tutor for the Korean-American Association of Washington.






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