Foreclosure Prevention Resources

The most important thing that remains today is to stay educated about foreclosure prevention and financial solvency in general, and look for solutions that meet your specific needs.  One good source for people struggling to make sense of what has happened and what options are available to them is to visit Fannie Mae where you will find expert advice, solutions, and ways to prevent foreclosures.  Another great resource is NeighborWorks America.  A national network of more than 240 community development and affordable housing organizations, NeighborWorks American has been at the forefront to help preserve homeownership and sustain communities in the face of rising foreclosures. The network provides training for foreclosure counseling services and has formed strong alliances with private and public sector partners to help prevent foreclosures.  A few other useful resources include: National Foundation for Debt Management (NFDM)  and

Additional Resources on Foreclosure Prevention and Financial Literacy


Real Estate Mortgage

-Mortgage Overview
-Mortgage Refinancing Calculator 
-Mortgage Calculator

Websites Offering Assistance and Best Practices to Combat Foreclosure -Fannie Mae
-Federal Reserve Banks
-Local NY HUD
-National Foundation for Credit Counselors (NFCC)
-National Foundation for Debt Management (NFDM)
-NeighborWorks America
-U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Resources on New York and New Jersey Laws

-Center for New York City Neighborhoods, Inc. (CNYCN)
-New York City Department of Housing Preservation and & Development
-US Foreclosure Laws

Websites on Financial Literacy

-American Bankers Association Education Foundation
Financial Education Resources and Links
-Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy


Listings of Foreclosed Properties

-Fannie Mae - HomePath
-Foreclosure Deals
(private fee-based service)
-Freddie Mac
-U.S. Government-owned properties
-National Auctioneers Association

Articles, Reports, Briefs and Books on the Foreclosure Crisis and Financial Literacy

-Assessing the Double Burden: Examining Racial and Gender Disparities in Mortgage Lending
-The Job Isn’t Done: More Jobs and Family Supports are Needed
-The Impacts of Foreclosures on Families and Communities: A Primer
-Preserving the Dream: Understanding and Addressing the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

-Stop Foreclosure Now: The Complete Guide to Saving Your Home and Your Credit

-Taking a Toll: The Effects of Recession on Women

-Women are Prime Targets for Subprime Lending





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