Asian Women In Business
The 14th Annual AWIB Leadership Awards Dinner
October 20, 2009


Award Winners Press Conference (from left to right, Kiran Gill, Naheed Syed,
AWIB President Bonnie Wong, Wei Yang Brian, Barbara Adachi, Sonya Gong Jent)

Attendees enjoying the cocktail reception before the sit-down dinner

As usual, our annual dinner attracted a full house

Bank of New York Mellon table

Guests from State Farm enjoying their dinner

Attendees from Walmart/Sam's Club

2009 AWIB Award Winners with their Presenters (from left to right: Sue Murray- presenter for Sonya Gong Jent, Sonya Gong Jent, Wei Yang Brian, Emcee Betty Liu, AWIB President Bonnie Wong, Naheed Syed, Kiran Gill, Barbara Adachi, and Cathy Benko- presenter for Barbara Adachi)



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