Asian Women In Business Membership Application

AWIB is a membership organization that depends in part on the support provided by annual dues.
At the end of this application process, you may choose from a selection of different membership levels.

You need to create a username and password before completing the AWIB Membership Application.  At the end of the process, there will be a prompt which allows you to submit your membership dues either by check or online via PayPal. You can also call us at (212) 868-1368 and we will be happy to take your credit card information. When entering your username and password, please be aware that letters are case-sensitive. 

Membership Levels:

  • $15,000 Benefactor – Membership for all employees and four (4) small banner ads in
  • $5,000 Patron – Annual membership for up to ten (10) and four (4) small banner ads in
  • $1,000 Corporate  – Annual membership for up to five (5) designated employees and a small banner ad in E-newsletter
  • $500 Small Business (under $10M) – Annual membership for up to four (4) designated employees or for two (2) designated employees and a small banner ad in E-newsletter  (a small business is defined as a privately owned corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship; a small business is not a part of or captive of a larger entity)
  • $325 Sustaining – Annual membership for two (2) - must be in the same workplace or home.  Both need to be named at the time membership is valid.
  • $175 Individual – Annual membership for one (1).  An individual is generally not a business owner.
  • $50 Full Time Student – Annual membership for one (copy of student ID & transcript required which show current full time student status in an undergraduate degree program)


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