American Association of Black Women Entrepreneurs Corp.
815 Thayer Ave., #1628
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Tel: (301) 565-0258

Members are provided with information, professional development training and networking as well as a variety of programs aimed at increasing business contracts.

Department of Economic and Employment Development
World Trade Center
401 East Pratt Center
Baltimore, MD 21202
Tel: (410)767-6300

National Association of Women Business Owners
1100 Wayne Ave., Suite 830
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Tel (301) 608-2590

NAWBO uses its collective influence to broaden opportunities for women in business. NAWBO's focus areas include: developing products and services that meet the needs of established women business owners; developing programs, workshops and educational seminars; expanding business development opportunities for women business owners; researching and communicating the evolving entrepreneurial models represented in women's businesses and expanding both group and individual participation in the global economy by building on its strong international relationships.

Women Entrepreneurs of Baltimore, Inc.
28 East Ostend Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Amanda Crook Zinn, Chief Executive Officer
Tel: (410) 727-4921
Fax: 9410) 727-4989

This is an entrepreneurial training program designed to help economically disadvantaged women become self-sufficient through business development. The main components of the WEB program are: an intensive three-month business skills training course; mentoring program; financing strategy development; community networking; resource sharing; and professional business consultation.

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