Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO)
2788 SE 82nd Ave #203B
Portland, OR 97266

Tel: (503) 512-0274

APANO is a volunteer-led, social justice issue driven statewide organization advocating for the interests of Asians and Pacific Islanders. We bring together our diverse communities across ethnicity, language, and age, to address critical issues in Oregon. Led by a 20 member Board, APANO has no permanent staff, and relies of short-term internships and a powerful network of volunteers to organize and advocate.

Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA)
317 NW Davis Street
Portland, OR 97209
Tel: (503) 223-9070
The Oregon Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA), the spokes group for the Chinese community, was formed in the late 19th century to assist Chinese individuals in their struggle with discrimination in employment, business, and citizenship, to help Chinese who face difficulties with U. S. immigration authorities and regulations, to arbitrate disputes among various member associations, and to authorize and manage activities in the interest of the Chinese community and of the community as a whole. 

Friends of Portland Chinatown
Founded in 2009, Friends of Portland Chinatown’s mission is to increase pedestrian traffic and raise historical and cultural awareness for Portland Chinatown.

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization
8040 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR 97213
Tel: (503) 235-9396
The mission of the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) is to assist refugees, immigrants, and multi-ethnic communities to develop self-sufficiency and cultural awareness while affirming and preserving each culture within an ever-changing environment.

Japan-America Society of Oregon
221 NW Second Ave, Suite 202
Portland, OR 97209
Tel: (503) 552-8811
Fax: (503) 552-8815
Founded in 1907 by leaders in the Japanese and American business community, the Japan-America Society of Oregon sponsors a variety of business, educational and cultural programs. In addition, the Society serves as an information center, providing advice on Japanese protocol, language and other general information related to Japan.

Kalakendra: Society for the Performing Arts of India
P.O. Box 1514
Portloand, OR 97207-1514
Tel: (503) 308-1050
Kalakendra is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization formed in 1987 to introduce, promote and enhance awareness of the various performing arts of the Indian subcontinent through presenting concerts, classical dances, recitals and lectures.

Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center
121 NW 2nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97209
Tel: (503) 224-1458
The Legacy Center’s vision to have a multi-purpose facility where items of historical importance to Oregon Nikkei can be preserved and where the unique character and traditions of its culture can flourish and find expression.

Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Oregon
5424 N. Michigan Ave.
Portland, OR 97217
Tel: (503) 285-1994
The Chamber develops and supports the business climate by providing networking events and seminars.

Thymos is an Asian American awareness and activism group based in Portland, Oregon. Their mission is to promote intellectual and social self-determination for Asian Americans.

Portland Taiko
3230 NE Columbia Blvd.
Portland, OR 97211
Tel: (503) 288-2456
Established in 1994, Portland Taiko (PT) is a premiere North American taiko ensemble. Taiko (the Japanese word for drum and the name of the art form) has its roots in ancient Japanese tradition. To taiko is a dynamic and evolving performing art combining rhythm, movement, energy, and culture into a single art form. Through artistic excellence and innovation in taiko, the group affirms Asian American pride, inspires audiences, builds community, and educates about culture and heritage.

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