Asian Chamber of Commerce
924 West Colfax Ave, Suite 104-G
Denver, CO 80204
Tel: (303) 595-9737
The Asian Chamber of Commerce (ACC) was incorporated in the state of Colorado in February of 1984. ACC Supports and promotes Asian-owned businesses, as well as providing information, resources, training, exposure, networking opportunities, monthly events and two major annual events. ACC also assists large corporations, government agencies and universities in enhancing their diversity programs to ensure greater diversity in procurement, project bids, employee candidate pools, customers and student populations.

Asian Pacific American Bar Association
1550 17th Street, Suite 500
Denver, CO 80202
Tel: (303) 892-7359 
Organized in 1990, the Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Colorado (APABA Colorado) provides mutual support for Asian American attorneys, judges, law students, and the general Asian community in Colorado. 

Asian Pacific Development Center
1537 Alton St
Aurora, CO 80010
Tel; (303) 923-2920
The Asian Pacific Development Center promotes the well-being and health of the Asian American/Pacific Islander Community of Colorado by bridging generations, cultures, and languages through culturally appropriate programs and services.

Bengalee Association of Colorado 
Milonee has been around for decades and has served the Bengali community of Colorado as a central platform to practice and promote various aspects of their traditions, customs and culture.

Boulder Asian Pacific Alliance (BAPA)
P.O. Box 21406
Boulder, CO 80308-4406
Tel: (303) 499-0108

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The Boulder Asian Pacific Alliance (BAPA) is a grassroots coalition of representatives from the diverse Asian Pacific populations, the second largest minority group in the city and county of Boulder. BAPA came together in early 1994 in order to become a more active part of the Boulder community and to impact social change.

Burma Community Rangers
8720 E Colfax Ave, Suite 204
Denver, Colorado 80220
The mission of Burma Community Rangers Organization is to improve the lives of ethnic refugees from Burma and those displaced in Burma, regardless of their tribe, religion, gender, sexual-orientation, background, or origin. 

Chinese American Council of Colorado 
1100 W Littleton Boulevard, Suite 320
Littleton, Colorado 80120-2225
Tel: (720) 468-2404 
Chinese American Council of Colorado (CACC) is a Colorado registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Their mission is to promote intercultural exchange with other Asian Pacific American organizations, to use artistic and cultural means to address social issues, to foster civic responsibility and community involvement, to host seminars on health problem and promote healthy lifestyles, and to collaborate with health organizations to provide physical examinations and immunizations to lower income and elderly members of the community. 

Colorado Asian Culture and Education Network
P.O. Box 221748
Denver, Colorado 80222
Tel: (303) 937-6888
Fax: (303) 750-8488 
Colorado Asian Culture and Education Network (CACEN) is a 501 (c)(3) organization. Their mission is to promote Asian cultural education and awareness through various activities, to build bridges of awareness, to enhance cultural exchange through hosting and organizing social and educational activities, to preserve cultural values and heritage through activities and programs which highlight, celebrate, share and teach the virtues of the foundations of Asian cultures, to provide support and services to local Asian communities through various activities. 

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival 
3000 Youngfield Street, Suite 350
Wheat Ridge, CO 80215
Tel: (303) 953- 7277
Fax: (303) 953- 7278
The mission of the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival is to build bridges of awareness, knowledge and understanding between the diverse Asian Pacific American (APA) communities and the general public through cultural education, leadership development and athletic competition.

Colorado Springs Chinese Cultural Institute
P.O. Box 2625
Colorado Springs, CO 80901-2625
Tel: (719) 287-7624
The Colorado Springs Chinese Cultural Institute (CSCCI) was founded in 2001 to foster within our community the understanding and appreciation of China and its customs. This Colorado 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting awareness and understanding of Chinese culture and traditions.

Colorado Telugu Association
Tel: (303) 325-7992
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Their mission is to foster mutual understanding, cooperation and coordination amongst the Telugu people, thereby putting together a strong confident and culturally affluent Telugu society. 

Colorado American and Chinese Professional Association
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Their mission is to provide a framework for networking among members and between the association and other organizations in the local community, to broaden and deepen mutual understanding between China and the United States by sponsoring various activities, to encourage and facilitate academic association and business cooperation among members, to safeguard and defend member's rights and collective benefits, to organize activities and events to attract Fort Collins community members.

Filipino American Community of Colorado
1900 Harlan Street
Edgewater, CO 80214
Tel: (303) 233-6817 
The FACC is a 100% Volunteer run non-profit organization tht was originally established in 1954 as The Filipino Club of the Rockies.

Golden Lotus Foundation
4645 Star Ranch Road
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906
Tel: (719) 540-5338
Established in 2011, the Golden Lotus Foundation, 501(c)3 seeks to provide premier opportunities for all ages to experience Asian art and culture traditions. Through support for education, arts and culture resources, we will pass along our heritage and traditions and reinvest all revenue in our organization to its fullest potential to promote growth.

Japan America Society of Colorado
1373 Grant Street, #103
Denver, CO 80203
Tel: (303) 592-5364
We are a 501(c) 3, non-profit organization established in Colorado in 1989.  They are a member of the National Association of Japan America Societies.  Their mission is to strengthen cooperation and build understanding between Colorado and Japan at a grassroots level.  

Japan America Society of Southern Colorado
PO Box 1294
Colorado Springs, CO 80901
The Japan-America Society of Southern Colorado is a non-profit, tax exempt, educational and cultural organization promoting increased awareness, education, and understanding between the citizens of Southern Colorado and Japan.

Kerala Association of Colorado
9850 Venneford Ranch Rd.
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126
Tel: (303) 345-5281
The Kerala Association of Colorado came into existence about 39 years ago, with the sole purpose of bringing together the Malayalee community of Colorado.

National Association of Asian American Professionals Colorado (NAAAP)
PO Box 181122
Denver, CO 80218
NAAAP is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization, whose mission is to promote the personal and professional development of the Asian American community.

National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association
1215 19th Street, Suite A
Denver, CO 80202
Tel: (303) 298-7910
Fax: (303) 298-8081
NAAPIHMA's is an advocate on behalf of AAPI mental health issues. It serves as a forum for effective collaboration and networks among stake holders of community based organizations, consumers, family members, service providers, program developers, researchers, evaluators and policy makers. NAAPIMHAs work with direct service providers such as nonprofit community-based organizations to augment this effort and increase the likelihood of developing comprehensive, culturally competent services to meet the needs of AAPI communities.

OCA Colorado 
P.O Box 44236
Denver, CO 80201
Tel: (720) 663-1622 
OCA aims to embrace the hopes and aspirations of nearly 13 million Asian Pacific Americans in the United States. 

Philippine American Society of Colorado 
19326 E Lasalle Pl
Aurora, Colorado 80013
Tel: (720) 310-8490

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The Philippine American Society of Colorado is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating, preserving, promoting and sharing the Philippine culture and heritage through educational and cultural opportunities that would enrich and enhance the lives of its members and the people of Colorado. 

Philippine Nurses Association of Colorado
24130 E. Louisiana Place
Aurora, CO 80018 
Their mission is to promote activities that will unify the Filipino-American Nurses in Colorado, to collaborate with other professional organizations and agencies in Colorado in developing and implementing programs related to nursing practice, education and research, to participate actively in Nursing and Health care activities in the community, to provide scholarships and foster continuing education of its members, and to involve in charitable endeavors in the community.

Tamil Association of Colorado
P.O Box 5051
Englewood, CO 80155-5051 
The Tamil Association of Colorado (TAC) is a non-profit, cultural organization serving the Colorado area that will strive to maintain Tamil culture, educational and community activities. Their mission is to unite and build a community of Tamil speaking people in Colorado.  

Vietnamese Student Association at CU Boulder
(303) 492-1411
The Vietnamese Student Association at CU Boulder aims to preserve and promote Vietnamese culture by providing events and support for students to establish a common ground for cultural awareness.

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