Nicky Mehtani

In sustainable development, a leader is not only someone who helps others but also someone who can inspire others to help themselves. My undergraduate education and life experiences have helped me recognize the pivotal role that entrepreneurial endeavors can play in leveraging the assets of the business and global health disciplines to further develop resources for the medically underserved. I am incredibly grateful for AWIB's award and encouragement. Through AWIB’s support, I will be able to expand my education in public health so that I may further explore avenues of social change at the interface of medicine and entrepreneurship."
– Nicky Mehtani, Class of 2011

Nicky Mehtani is from California and attends Rice University, majoring in Biochemistry & Cell Biology as well as Asian Studies, with a minor in Global Health Technologies. For over two years, Nicky has been a weekly mentor at the Wharton Dual Language School where she has coordinated after-school activities and field trips for underprivileged 5th-7th graders. Additionally, as an assistant teacher for Teach for America, Nicky volunteered in elementary school classrooms in the Mississippi Delta to help improve students’ math and reading skills.
Nicky’s experiences also include teaching at the AASRA Trust Bindal Slum School in India where she provided health education to children living in the Bindal slum and volunteering at Lasso Village Health Awareness where she led HIV/AIDS workshops for local teenagers in Tanzania. As an intern at Ashoka, a global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, Nicky helped set up workshops to promote opportunities for social-business alliances and pioneered a new performance evaluation method to assess the efficiency of operations.
Nicky has held several leadership positions in Rice University student organizations. As the Community Service Chair of the Rice South Asian Society, Nicky raised $2,200 this year for microfinance in India, Vietnam and Haiti. Prior to this, Nicky had helped raise money for Pakistan’s Hashoo Foundation and the Central Asia Institute. Nicky is also the Design Director of the school’s official science magazine, “Catalyst: Rice Undergraduate Science & Engineering Review.”
Nicky is a recipient of the Loewenstern Fellowship for conducting community service abroad and is a member of Rice University’s Jones Society of Academic Fellows.



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