Michelle Lee

This scholarship was funded by Yvonne Chan, in memory of her grandparents,
Dan (Chong Yock) Chan and Wong Shee Chan.

As an organizer of the 2010 Wharton Social Impact Conference and an avid consultant for non-profits in Philadelphia as well as grassroots organizations abroad, I strongly believe that student leaders and entrepreneurs have the power to leverage their business acumen to create sustainable solutions for today’s most pressing social environmental problems. AWIB encourages young Asian women like me to think outside the box when it comes to business. To me, business has become a way of being one more giver and one less taker, and I thank AWIB for investing in my vision."
– Michelle Han Han Lee, Class of 2012

Michelle Han Han Lee is from New York and attends the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Urban Studies and English, with a minor in the History of Art. As the Events Chair of Penn International Business Volunteers (PIBV), Michelle organized PIBV’s largest annual fundraising banquet which was attended by over 200 people and proceeds went towards providing free consulting to nonprofits and NGOs in developing countries. To further prepare students for their consulting trips abroad, Michelle coordinated various business workshops and events, including a UN speaker series on climate change and its effects on poverty.

In addition, Michelle was a consultant for various non-profit grassroots organizations. In this capacity, Michelle has helped identify revenue sources and fundraising strategies for a start-up school in rural Nepal and conducted a feasibility study on the costs and benefits of implementing “One Laptop Per Child” in the classrooms. Michelle also researched methods for implementing sustainable models of door-to-door waste collection in India.

Michelle also served as an English teacher for King’s Kids International in Mongolia where she taught English classes to children of domestic alcohol abuse. Michelle continued her work with children in her role as a camp counselor at Angel Heart Children’s Camp where she mentored children with learning disabilities.

Michelle is a recipient of a Benjamin Franklin Summer Research Grant and a winner of the Center for Advanced Study of India Summer Travel Funds Competition.




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