Kao Nou Thao


“I am inspired to be innovative with how I can be a leader and how I can give service. I am inspired to help, lead, support, and be a trailblazer for other young Asian female students. As a recipient, I believe that the Asian Women in Business Scholarship Award is an opportunity for me to act and take a step towards delivering my big dreams into big impacts.”

– Kao Thao, class of 2011


Kao is from California and attends the University of California at Berkeley, majoring in American Studies and Integrative Biology. Kao’s leadership positions include serving as the Executive Director of the Hmong Student Association at Berkeley, Coordinator of the 2008 Cal Vote Coalition, 2007 Department Head of the Breakthrough Sacramento Science Department, and a Student Community Representative on the Student Health Advisory Committee.

Kao is passionate about giving back to her community; she believes in service and empowerment and has worked tirelessly towards motivating others. In a record-breaking performance, she led the Cal Vote Coalition to register over 11,000 students for this past presidential election. She also managed to coordinate a phone banking event that made over 5,300 calls to the student body to encourage them to get out and vote, the last two days before the election.

In the spring of 2009, Kao will take on the responsibility of being one of the main point people to plan and carry out a professional Symposium for the Hmong community throughout California. She is also an advocate of the access and usage of healthcare for women, especially in the Asian American community. Kao plans to use her scholarship money to strengthen her commitment to leadership and community service.



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