Jennifer Liao


“Being an Asian Women in Business scholarship recipient means I will have more time to give back to my campus and community and would need less time working and worrying over my tuition bills. This scholarship allows me to pursue my passion and to see change in serving others. There is still so much more potential to be unlocked in the Boston College community and Asian Women in Business has empowered me to continue to serve as a leader in both the Asian American community and the Carroll School of Management.”
- Jennifer Liao, class of 2010


Jennifer is from New York and attends Boston College in Massachusetts, majoring in Accounting and Marketing. Jennifer’s leadership positions include serving as the Co-President of the AHAHA Management Academy, Secretary of the Asian Caucus, Decoration Head and Public Relations Committee Member of the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Planning Council, Group Leader Mentor for small group in the Asian Christian Fellowship, and Events Coordinator of the Marketing Academy.

She has been an active supporter and defender of Asian American issues in the Asian community. Recently she joined the Cultural Diversity core team of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College to aid in advocating for the lack of Asian American Studies Program and unequal representation of available Asian related classes for the student body. Additionally, this year, she joined a new effort called Nourish International to use her skills as a business student to engage in creating long term solutions for the working poor in third world countries.



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