The Asian Women In Business Corporate Initiative



 AWIB launched its Corporate Initiative in June 2005 to meet the changing needs of corporate Asian women. AWIB has since held ten Corporate Asian Women's Leadership Forums to highlight the accomplishments of Asian women who have reached the top echelons of corporate America.  Their experience and insight is valuable to all Asian women as they navigate their own professional careers.  The forum is a unique networking opportunity as well as a mechanism for attendees to learn from some of the top minds in their fields. Asian women from across the corporate world have thronged to these filled to capacity forums.

The panel discussions delve into relevant issues concerning corporate Asian women including:

  • Making leadership and career progress while making a positive impact on the company's bottom line
  • Assessing one's professional strengths and weaknesses to forge beneficial workplace alliances
  • Counteracting workplace barriers and stereotypes that stall career progress
  • Leveraging one's firsthand knowledge of Asian culture as an asset in the global market

2017 Born to Lead

Thursday, June 15, 2017
Born to Lead: Leadership in a Time of Change


How do leaders adapt to their changing environments to achieve success? AWIB’s Annual Born to Lead Conference explores the ways in which Asian women executives have adapted to and thrived when confronted with change. Whether it is domestic or global, change can drive innovation, create opportunities and promote growth.

Our panel of Asian women executives will address how they have achieved leadership roles by making change work for them.  Did they envision, initiate and control it? Did change happen with or without their input? 

Born to Lead is a unique annual event that offers a networking opportunity as well as  a mechanism for attendees to learn from some of the top minds in their fields.


S & P Global
55 Water Street, 36th Floor
New York, NY 10041

Registration will open soon. See program announcement.


All proceeds for Born to Lead go towards the AWIB Scholarship Fund. To support the Asian Women Leaders of tomorrow, please make the suggested tax-deductible contribution of $35 to the AWIB Scholarship Fund.






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