Taste of Chinatown 2006

The fourth Taste of Chinatown was held Saturday, April 22, 2006 from 1 to 6 PM in New York City's Chinatown.

Over 50 of Chinatown's best restaurants, bakeries, tea houses, and specialty shops offered $1 & $2 tasting plates to the thousands that thronged the streets. Despite intermittent rain, visitors rushed to sample delectable dishes from Canton, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Japan. Some restaurants were so popular that even a long line of servers couldn't keep pace with the multitude of tasters, some lined up for nearly an hour, for a taste of Peking duck and other specialties.


Besides the immense variety of food there were plenty of activities to enjoy between tastings.

A Fortune Cookie Writing Contest held by Wonton Foods, saw visitors vying win top spot, since the winners' words of wisdom would make it into future fortune cookies.

Visitors were also invited to practice democracy on the street level, and vote for their favorite tasting stations, with the top three crowned the "Best of Taste of Chinatown". The winners for this Taste - May May Bakery, Doyers Vietnamese and Peking Duck House.

There was also lion dancing, a colorful and noisy display of artistry. For kids, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Children's Museum of Arts and the Museum of the Chinese in the Americas offered fun arts and crafts activities that kept them busy and out of trouble.

Tasting stations were located throughout the heart of Chinatown on Mott, Bayard, Mulberry, Baxter, Doyers, Pell and Mosco. Mott Street, from Canal to Worth, was closed to vehicular traffic, so visitors could spend the entire day strolling and munching on the wide selection of delicious offerings.

At $1 & $2 a plate, what more could one have asked for?

Taste of Chinatown 2006

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Taste of Chinatown 2005

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Tasting Menus - Dumplings, duck, and dim sum! Take a peek at the dishes that were served on April 22.

Check out the participants. Click here for a printatble PDF.


About Taste of Chinatown

Asian Women In Business created the Taste of Chinatown in 2004 as a way to highlight the many culinary offerings of Chinatown food establishments. It is now an important twice a year festival which coincides with the spring and fall seasons. As the word spreads about the bi-annual Taste of Chinatown, the crowds get bigger, the food gets better and Chinatown becomes more of a destination.

While AWIB's primary mission is to assist Asian women entrepreneurs, we have expanded our outreach since September 11, 2001. For the past four years, with an initial grant from the Empire State Development Corporation and presently from the September 11th Fund , we have been providing marketing and public relations assistance to Chinatown based businesses adversely impacted by the events of 9/11. Part of a a large scale marketing and tourism initiative to bring back visitors to this once-thriving independent community, Asian Women In Business has had a major impact on the economic growth of Lower Manhattan.

Here's a look at selected activities organized by AWIB as part of our efforts to increase visitors to the neighborhood.

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